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Hotel AI Big Model - A Pathfinder Pulsating with Digitalization

Date: 2023-10-30

The witty poem 'Suddenly like a night of spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms bloom' is very appropriate to describe the emergence of major models in the hotel industry at present. On October 27th, at the joint press conference of the "2023 Hotel Accommodation and Catering Industry Digital Development Summit", Yunji, Huiyi, Zhonghui, Shoulv Rujia, and Maidian jointly released their respective "Hotel AI Big Models", which was a bit overwhelming at the moment.

This is the time when China's hotel industry has been closely following the trend of digital technology.

At the end of last year, OpenAI's ChatGPT was launched, sparking a wave of artificial intelligence, and people were stunned by the unparalleled ability of AGI's big models. In early March of this year, the Hangzhou Special Service Bureau invited me to give a lecture to the executives of West Lake State Guesthouse, specifically requesting the addition of ChatGPT content. I used ChatGPT3.0 to automatically write a set of PPTs that introduced the origin and development of ChatGPT, and provided an example explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of GPT. To be honest, although ChatGPT had a serious and untruthful attitude at this time, its overall strength deeply shocked me. I realized that once the hotel industry uses this so-called "big model", it will undoubtedly make the digital process more powerful.

In the following short period of six months, domestic general large models developed rapidly, like mushrooms after rain. Dozens of big models have been born, including Baidu's "ERNIE Bot", Ali's "Tongyi Qianwen", Huawei's "Pangu", iFLYTEK's "Spark", China Mobile's "Jiutianzhongqing", and China Unicom's "Honghu". Although there is some distance in performance compared to ChatGPT4.0, it is also very effective in overall functionality. With time and extensive training in Chinese materials, it is quite promising to catch up with foreign products in terms of quality.

The emergence of ChatGPT and a large number of domestic general large models has expanded their capabilities to a wider range of industries due to their open-source characteristics and spillover effects. A wave of industry specific large models emerged after undergoing complex technical entropy changes such as special industry data training and parameter adjustment, such as pre training fine-tuning methods, Among them, there are several industry models of China's hotel and accommodation industry: for example, the cloud tracking model "HotelGPT", which excels in living experiences; Huiyi Grand Model "Miaoyuan" focuses on knowledge management, systems, and standards in the hotel industry; Focusing on the "Tonghui" model of digital marketing in hotels; The "Digital Store Manager" of Home Inn, who specializes in on-site management of hotel operations; And the Maidian AI big model has some characteristics of the hotel industry's "Wanbao Quanshu".

It is believed that most people are a bit stunned when facing these industry models, and a series of doubts emerge on their thoughtful faces: what is the relationship between these so-called hotel industry models and ChatGPT, ERNIE Bot and Spark? How do technology companies train so-called professional "big models"? What role will they play and solve in the future digitization process of hotels? If it really works, what should be the most harmonious relationship between hotel groups and technology companies? What form may its future business model be?

I have followed and promoted the research and development process of several major models, and witnessed the hotel digital specialty